Lonyangapuo reshuffles executive, warns county staff against playing politics

West Pokot Governor Prof John Lonyangapuo has issued a stern warning to his staff especially the County Executive Committee Members (CECs) and the chief officers against laxity in their stations.

The county boss expressed concern that some of his senior staff members have been engaging in early political campaigns at the expense of service delivery to the people of West Pokot County.

“Let me deliver a warning, even though you may want to join politics, this is not the time. You are needed to only serve the people now. Those in my government must work toward the realization of my manifesto,” he said

The governor said this as he announced changes to his executive aimed at streamlining the operations in government.

“I have reorganized of my cabinet and chief officers. This is a season of politics. Some people want to offer themselves for elections. But service delivery in government work must continue” He said

“This reorganization is to ensure my government has individuals who are motivated to serve our people. This will ensure our development programmes and promises to those who elected us are fulfilled.” He added

The governor urged members of his cabinet and staff who want to join campaigns to immediately resign to pave way for others.

“Others are asking why I have instituted changes. But you know some here have been politicking from morning to evening. But I am telling them, if you no longer need that job, give it back and continue politicking.” He said

He ordered all county government vehicles to be at the parking yard at the stipulated time even as he issued notice against the use of county motor vehicles for private functions.

“No government vehicle should be used beyond the stipulated time. Drivers must ensure our vehicles are packed in the yard by 5.00 PM,” he warned

Lonyangapuo urged members of the public to report any officer going contrary to his order and at the same time said he will work with the police check unit to arrest and impound vehicles found violating the order.

“Even the drivers are complaining. They are tired. They work beyond the stipulated time. Some work until 2.00 am because some officers are just want to play politics.” He charged


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