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LSK demands free, safe environment to practice

The Law Society of Kenya (LSK) has demanded a free and safe environment to enable them to exercise their duties while advocating for justice and fairness in Kenya.

LSK Nairobi Branch Chairperson Hellen Namisi said that lawyers are harassed and killed unceremoniously in their line of duty.

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She said that rogue police officers have killed three lawyers namely Willy Kimani who was killed in 2006, Ben Kayai in 2001, and Antonny Nahashon in 2012.

“Police just like ourselves are representing the society and we are here to ensure that justice is done, we should not be threatened, we should not be harassed, we are simply doing our jobs,” said Namisi noting that they took an oath to ensure that justice is delivered without fear or favour.

Speaking on Wednesday after a procession from the Supreme Court to Milimani law courts to mark Purple Ribbon Week in commemoration of the advocates who died in the line of duty, Ms Namisi remarked that the law society of Kenya will continue advocating for justice to be delivered to people from all walks of life.

Further, International Justice Mission (IJM) President Andy Griffiths said that sometimes there is excessive use of force by the police while noting that it is unfortunate that the police who are meant to protect them end up taking their lives.

Griffiths pointed out that IJM is focused on strengthening the Kenyan justice system to continue to be the servant of the Kenyan people.

“However, out of the three advocates who were killed, only the late Kimani’s family got justice while other families are struggling in the corridors of justice-seeking to prosecute the perpetrators,” said Griffiths

Hana Kimani, the widow of late Kimani, who broke down in tears, said despite having been served justice she is still haunted by memories of her late husband who was the sole breadwinner of the family.

Additionally, LSK called upon the government and other relevant authorities to swiftly act on huge piles of pending cases by forwarding them to be prosecuted to ensure justice and fairness.


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