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Lurambi Affordable Housing Program to benefit over 3500 youths

Artist's impression of Lurambi Affordable Housing Program

Approximately 3500 youths will be engaged directly and indirectly in the construction of 220 Affordable Housing Units in Lurambi Constituency, Kakamega County.

President Dr William Ruto will commission the project Saturday afternoon during his working tour of Western region.

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The project seeks to not only offer affordable and decent housing for the residents but also provide employment opportunities for the youth, women in construction and the Jua Kali sector.

Already the developer Top Choice Surveillance Ltd has engaged Kakamega Engineering and Fabricators Association and KEFINCO Carpenters Association which have over 100 skilled artisans for a partnership in this project.

The Developer is expected to ring fence and estimated Ksh 26m for the over 1,200 doors and 1,200 windows need for the project.

At the same time Mobilisation is ongoing in the constituency to recruit additional members to join registered Jua Kali associations to supply other ring fenced items.

The State Department for Housing has also engaged TVETs among them Shamberere Technical Training Institute and Sigalagala National Polytechnic to provide technical support once the project commences.

The project is on a 4 acres parcel of land owned by the National Government, and currently hosting government housing and is expected to be completed by April 2025.

The developer will put up 9 blocks of apartments comprising 60 studio units, 20 one bedroom units, 100 two bedroom units and 40 three bedroom units at an estimated cost of Ksh 473 Million.

The existing road and water infrastructure will be expanded as will be the sewer line. The development also comes with additional spaces for Public Use such as a Social Hall, a Play Area, a Commercial Area and a Tree Nursery and Greenery.

Lurambi residents have hailed the project as a major milestone and lauded the Government for spreading the affordable housing program to the constituency level.

This is the third Affordable Housing Program (AHP) at the constituency level launched by the Government after Gichugu Constituency AHP and Bahati AHP.

So far the Government has awarded 17 contracts in lot 1 for development and advertised a further 35 in lot 2 for the constituency affordable housing program.

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