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M-Pesa Foundation Academy to cut electricity bills by 60pc through 360KW solar project

The M-PESA Foundation Academy has officially launched a 350-KW solar project that is aimed at reducing reliance on the national grid by 40pc immediately and 60pc in the long run.

The Solar project aligns with Kenya’s goal to transition to 100pc clean energy by 2030.

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Tony Eysele, the Executive Head of School, said, “The solar project will enable students to understand sustainability from a financial and environmental point of view. The students will further see how technology can further the sustainability environment and provide an educational background on the energy the school gets through the solar project, furthering the learning objectives of the institution.”

Tim Kipchumba, the Chief Finance Officer of Questworks Limited, the contractor of the project, confirmed that solar is a bankable project that has significant running cost savings, where MPESA Foundation Academy is currently saving 40pc of their electricity bill and an expected 60pc savings when the solar system operates at its optimum level.

The students welcomed the project as a solution to power outages that disrupt learning and as cost-saving resources that can be channelled to more scholarships.

Additionally, students in the ACE and STEM clubs will actively engage with this ground-breaking project, fostering their passion for renewable energy.

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