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Machakos Court declines to halt Mavoko demolitions

The Machakos Lands Court has declined to issue applications to stop the demolitions at Mavoko.

The claimants have decided to appeal the ruling on Monday.

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In another twist of events, the court has stated that the ownership of East African Portland Cement Company has not been determined so it is still a dispute in court.

The case that Portland had said is concluded has been found not to have been concluded on merit and hence the plaintiff/applicant had a right to come back to court for redress.

According to Justice Annet Nyukuri of the Environment and lands court in Machakos, it is only after the full hearing that the issue of ownership or authenticity of title can be ascertained hence the allegation that the court had declared Portland as owners of the land is false.

The court has acknowledged that the County Government of Machakos has applied to be made a part of this case, henceforth the county government will be participating in this case.

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