Magarini residents decry human rights violations

Magarini sub county residents have petitioned the Kilifi county government and the national government to address alleged massive violation of human rights in Magarini.

The residents are decrying lack of consultation prior to the commencement of works along the salt beltline by salt companies which has resulted in forceful evictions and pollution that is posing a health risk to the community.

These works by various salt companies in Magarini are the source of acrimony between residents and the salt companies.

According to the chair Malindi rights forum, Trivinia Manga Mwamburi community members were not involved in the planning and no agreement was signed between the investors of the salt works and the community members.

Community members now say works along the saltbelt line has brought members living around more harm than good.

Implementation of their activities which is often done in large chunks of land   has not only contributed to food insecurity within Magarini but also violated recommendations of the Environmental impact assessment test.

In the petition they allege labor laws for those working in the salt companies are also not being adhered to amid claims of   sexual abuse which are reportedly on the rise.

The Malindi rights forum is   now demanding better working conditions and provision of safety equipment, right to formation of trade unions and immediate address of key outstanding issues with proper policy being enforced in the salt company works through the county and national government.




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