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Malindi residents urged to take action for cleaner environment

The residents of Malindi in Kilifi County have been urged to prioritize environmental preservation and cleanliness in order to mitigate the growing impacts of climate change.

Kilifi County First Lady Suzanna Mung’aro who led Malindi stakeholders in marking the 59th clean-up organized by the Progress Welfare Association of Malindi hailed the initiative for its contribution to combating climate change effects.

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Mung’aro arrived for the clean-up dressed in traditional Hando outfit made from recycled products at the Ancient Vasco Dagama Pillar and was joined by the different stakeholders from the County Government, National Government, Malindi Municipality, Malindi green and Blue, Police, KWS, National Museums of Kenya, Blue Key Women Beach operators, Malindi MP’s office, hoteliers, business community among others.

In her speech the First lady said she was passionate about environment and had asked her husband Governor Gideon Mung’aro to support the noble clean-up exercise meant to keep Malindi green and Blue.

“Today marks another significant milestone in our ongoing efforts to create cleaner and healthier environment for ourselves and for generations I am truly honored as we stand to gather for the monthly clean-up exercise, “she said.

She hailed PWAM for their unwavering dedication and commitment to making Malindi a cleaner and beautiful place to live adding that their efforts serve as an inspiration by showing that as a community coming together with a shared goal incredible positive changes can be achieved.

Mung’aro said a clean and healthy environment shows the commitment as a community and their heritage.

“A Clean and healthy environment speaks volumes about our values our sense of responsibility and our commitment to the wellbeing of every single citizen,” she said.

She said each of trash they pick street they clean and area they clean demonstrate that they are active custodians of their environment.

The First lady encouraged residents to reduce waste and promote recycling of products and teach others about responsible ways of waste disposal.

Effue Opiyo the Chairperson of Malindi Green and Blue said 90 percent of those who attended the clean up have been collaborating with them since the clean-up started in 2019.

“For the 59th clean up we are really moving on which means Malindi has really been receptive of this initiative and because of that we made sure children are also in cooperated so we have introduced Malindi green and Blue initiative in schools so we are teaching them on sustainability and also allowing them to come up with projects on sustainability,” she said.

Assistant Warden from Malindi Marine National Park Abu Bocha said the clean up was a good initiative to sensitize people on the importance of keeping environment clean.

“We clean the town because if we don’t do so those plastics when we live them in town they will end up in the beach and the sea and there are endangered species like turtles that do not know the difference between jelly fish and plastic,” he said.

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