Waste management: Youth turning trash into cash in Malindi

A section of youth in Malindi have began ripping the fruits of solid waste management after engaging in the monthly clean-up exercise aimed at cleaning the town.

The youth who were majority jobless have now started making useful products from the waste being collected which generate income and at the same time support the management of solid waste in the town.

Malindi Green and Blue Movement is the brainchild of the Progressive Welfare association of Malindi aimed at sensitizing the residents on the importance of keeping the environment clean and normally organizes clean up on every second study of the month.

It brings together different stakeholders including hoteliers, youth, police, KWS, the Business community, airline companies such s Skyward express, banks, government departments from both counties and national together with the municipality.

So far there have been 15 clean-up exercises already with several youth groups making cash out of the trash.

George Kombe one of the youth leaders said they have been voluntarily cleaning the town as they believe it’s their responsibility to live in a clean environment.

Speaking during this month’s clean up at Santafee area in Maweni, Kombe said the clean-up has enabled them to know other stakeholders and created a good relationship with KWS, Police, KFS and other government institutions.

”There are other youth who have got employment opportunities, they’re now employed courtesy of the cleanup, we have like two or three companies in Malindi who are collecting garbage from house to house and are paid at the end of the month,” he said.

So far there have been 15 clean-up exercises already

He said the youth the cleanup has become an eye-opener in that by cleaning the town there are job opportunities from the solid wastes.

Kombe said the County government should increase the number of youth who take up the clean-up exercise so s to ensure the town is cleaner.

He said currently many youths were absorbed in the Kazi Mtaani work and thanked the president for extending the program to June.

”The county government through the environment department should come up with a program to employ youth even on casual basis so that every morning they go to clean the town it will be of help,” he said.

Kombe also urged companies making chewing gums and others used by those chewing Miraa to buy dust bins so as to reduce the waste been dumped carelessly in town.

He said in every clean up they have discovered that the wastes are from the chewing gums which are a threat to the environment.

Malindi deputy sub-county police Commander Simon Muli who was among the participants said they are happy to be part of the noble move has enabled them to have good relationship with members of the public.

Muli said the aim of the clean-up is to ensure the town is clean and sensitize residents’ n the importance of living in a good environment.

”There has been a notion that police are bad to the public, people having no faith with the security personnel in that once one gets close to them they are arrested but today it was clear that despite doing their work of maintaining law and order they can co-operate with members of public to do collect garbage,” he said.

Kate Mwikali the chairperson of PWAM said the Malindi Green and Blue Movement which was initiated in April 2019 has had a lot of progress in terms of issues to do with solid waste management .

She said before they started there was no direction regarding the clean-ups there was a lot of garbage and potholes in the roads of the town.

Further, she said different groups were doing the same thing but now all came together with one goal of cleaning the town and creating opportunities for the youth.

”It’s an venue for job creation and we have seen it for ourselves that Kazi Mtaani has created jobs,” she said.

There is another group of shella that intends to begin collecting grbge from home which will create jobs.

Mwikali said the youth now understands that garbage collection has so many job opportunities and that’s why they’re looking for youth full of energy and innovative to come up with programs that will generate income from the wastes.

She also called on the chewing gum making companies to come up with dustbins for Malindi and engage the youth so as to create more jobs for them and at the same time ensure they keep the environment clean.

Engineer Nichodemus Kerongo in charge of rods section Kilifi County said they are encouraging youth in Malindi to join the clean up exercise.

He said they have employed about 20 youth who are in charge of drainage systems while 50 others clean the streets.

Kerongo said they would like to empower youth through Mbegu funds so that they can be able to get funds to buy equipment for cleaning the town and get income from it.

Youth from Shella ward said they have found out many opportunities from the cleanup and vowed to take advantage of the program to initiate garbage collection in their area.

He said youth can be able to play a major role in cleaning the garbage but more saw help build trust with the state by being in the forefront in taking part in economic activities.

”I’m confident that once youth get opportunities like these of cleaning garbage and every household take responsibility of the wastes, the youth will get jobs,” he said.

Other speakers said they’re confident that very so many youth will have job opportunities through the garbage collection program.


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