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Man kills wife, commits suicide over marital problems

A police officer was among those injured.

A Middle-aged man has committed suicide by hanging himself at Cheberen village, Mogotio Sub-County within Baringo after he allegedly killed his wife due to domestic problems.

Confirming the incident, Cheberen location chief Sammy Kandie told KNA he got the news of the death of Kirwa Kipngetich from a resident who found his body dangling from a tree in a thicket on the morning of Tuesday, June 20.

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Kandie noted that the deceased allegedly butchered his wife, Leonida Jeruto, a Junior Secondary School teacher at Tian primary school, Cheberen using a kitchen knife on the evening of Monday, June 19.

He is reported to have visited his estranged wife who resides at the teacher’s quarters before the incident that ended her life after a commotion was heard coming from the quarters prompting a neighbor to rush to investigate what was going on.

“The neighbor then spotted the deceased carrying a knife with blood all over his clothes and his wife who was trying to escape fell down with a thud prompting her to scream for help,” Kandie said

He noted that the deceased then escaped the teacher’s quarters to a nearby bush as a crowd came to help his wife.

Upon entering the house, they found the lifeless body of Jeruto lying in a pool of blood a few steps from her one-bedroomed house door.

The residents who tried to pursue him ended up aborting the mission as it was already dark and he had the murder weapon.

Preliminary reports indicated that the duo had been separated due to marital problems that led to the husband taking custody of their two children but the husband did not take the separation lightly.

“We suspect that marital conflicts led the husband to decide to take both their lives which is very unfortunate,” The chief added.

Kandie called upon couples to resolve their problems amicably to avoid dragging along innocent children as a result.

Officers from Emining police station processed the scene and moved his body to Eldama Ravine Hospital morgue where the body of his wife was being preserved, awaiting postmortem.


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