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Manufacturers to intensify clean energy initiatives 

The Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) targets to increase adoption of clean energy initiatives among its members in a bid to cut carbon emissions.

Speaking during the 9th Clean Energy Conference and Expo, KAM Chief Executive Officer Anthony Mwangi said the manufacturing sector has a duty to sustain livelihoods through job creation whilst maintaining the environment that it operates.

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“We are in the era of triple bottom line – humanity, environment, and economics. This means that we have a heavy task to create jobs, drive economic activities whilst managing the impact of our actions on the environment,” he said.

New clean energy initiatives are expected to support tye lobby group’s Centre for Energy Efficiency and Conservation (CEEC) established in 2006 in partnership with the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum.

Mwangi said the CEEC has been at the forefront of energy efficiency and conservation programs which are designed to help companies identify energy wastage, determine energy savings potential, cost savings and reduction in CO2 emissions.

KAM further challenged the government to develope and implement legislations and policies to support that will drive green manufacturing practices.

“We are fully committed to spearheading the national efforts on energy efficiency, renewable energy and climate change issues. We recognize that it is near impossible to ensure that everyone has access to affordable and reliable energy without a keen focus on clean energy,” added David Mutisya, Ministry of Energy and Petroleum, Ag. Director Renewable Efficiency.

The 9th Clean Energy Conference and Expo brought together stakeholders within the energy space to deliberate on tangible solutions to scale up the uptake of clean energy initiatives.

The expo also showcased innovations in the clean energy space including renewable energy, water, e-mobility, green building, and clean cooking.

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