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Manufactures losing Ksh 2.8B daily, KAM says

Kenya manufacturing sector is losing a staggering Ksh 2.86 billion on a daily basis as a result of the continued anti-government protests.

The Kenya Association of Manufacturers Chairperson Rajan Shah says protests have led to a significant blow to the manufacturing sector, with businesses bearing the brunt of the unrest.

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The protests according to the association have led to interruptions to the supply networks consequently disrupting and delaying the transportation of goods hampering the smooth functioning of businesses.

The association warns that if the protests persist, the cost of living is likely to increase further, potentially hindering the achievement of the sectors GDP targets of Ksh 1 trillion.

KAM says it might resort to job cuts, as the accumulated losses and disruptions to operations make it difficult for companies to sustain their workforce.

They are now calling for the government to reach out to the opposition and come back to a consensus.

Reporting by Trevor Ngendo

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