Maralal residents protest against water shortage

A section of residents in Maralal town Samburu central sub county have held peaceful demonstration in their estate as they lament about shortage of clean water for use at home since August last year.
The demonstrators who are muslims complained that they are forced to use toilet paper instead of water which going against their religion.
Ms Chaque Muhammed, a demonstrator said that: “We are muslim but we are forced to use tissue instead of water because we have never received water from our taps.”
They said that they need clean water for bathing, cleaning and cooking among other domestic activities.
Despite high cost of living the residents have complained that they are forced to spend half of their daily income on buying water.
They said that they don’t have stable sources of income they are forced to spent Ksh 100 of the Ksh 200 they earn on a daily basis to buy food despite need to buy food
Due to lack of enough money some people are forced to opt for salty water at a cheaper cost which is now affecting them, according to Maralal sub location Nyumba Kumi Chairman Gulleid Mohammed.
“We are buying salty water which is affecting our clothes yet we are in town, a jerican of fresh water is costing Ksh 30, salty water is not sweet to drink,” he said.
Mama Wangare, another demonstrator asked SAWASCO Company to supply water and ensure every resident is getting a share.

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