Mbuba savours husband Isaac Makokha’s success in the 24th Deaflympics

For the entire duration of the golf competition at the Caxias Golf course in Brazil, one woman followed the action perhaps too keenly.

Susan Kathure Mbuba was a consistent figure trailing Kenyan Isaac Makokha as he repeatedly tackled the 9 hole course. Makokha, the newly minted Deaflympics golf bronze medalist is Susan’s husband.

” I am a very proud wife today. I feel happy, I was here to encourage him and also to give him whatever he needed like snacks in the middle of the course from time to time. That is what I enjoy doing “, said Susan.

A golf loving couple, Susan sometimes caddies for Makokha as was the case in the first round of competition. However, she slipped and injured her leg making it difficult to continue in the role.

Isaac Makokha posing for a photo with his wife Susan  Mbuba after winning bronze in Golf

Nevertheless, the minor accident did not stop Susan from following her husband’s progress in the tournament. She derives great joy from watching Makokha play and does not hesitate to point out his best qualities as a golfer  ” Makokha has very good focus and is able to handle pressure. He also takes his time before making a decision and this has helped him to win games.”

At home, Susan ensures her husband’s nutritional needs are well taken care of, ” ripe bananas are very good because they increase his sugar levels, generally I ensure he eats a lot of fruits and he is healthy ” explains Kathure.

To celebrate Makokha’s latest exploits on the golf course, his wife is torn between “inviting family and friends for a celebratory cake or taking him out for nyama choma” but assures she will give him “a special treat”.

The couple met in 2016 in Nairobi through a mutual friend and has a 3 year old daughter.


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