Meet Kenya’s last reigning monarch

And tour Kenya’s last remaining rainforest.

This week on Zurura, the show takes place in Kakamega where the team explores the county’s vast rainforest and its culture by speaking to Kenya’s last reigning monarch.

Asheeko visits the enchanting tropical forest of Kakamega which is considered as old as Africa. In this episode, we learn about the forest’s medicinal plants which have been used by the midwives of the area for years. We also explore some of the caves found within the forest.

Also in this episode, we meet Nabongo Peter Mumia II, the 14th Nabongo of the Wanga people. He was crowned in 1974 at the age of 22 and is the founder of the Nabongo Cultural Centre. Nic sits down with the Nabongo to learn about the Wanga People’s history and enduring culture.

“Zurura” airs every Friday at 8 PM only on KBC. Watch the full episode here.


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