Mejja drops new song hilariously detailing Kenyan behaviour

“Tabia za wa Kenya” uses satire to celebrate Kenyanisms

Genge artist Mejja has dropped a new song called “Tabia za wakenya” in which he details the behaviours and mannerisms that make Kenyans unique.

Mejja remains a popular Genge artist perhaps because he never ventures far from the kind of music that made him popular; bars delivered with comedic timing. “Tabia za wakenya” may be a new song but it is in the same wheelhouse as “Jana kuliendaje”, Mejja’s first hit single.

His new song uses satire to celebrate Kenyan mannerisms using popular Kenyan sayings such as “hii jua ni ya mvua”, for example, to prove his point.

The new song was released on Tuesday and is currently available to stream on YouTube. The song was written by Mejja, produced by Vicky Pondis and music video directed by Ricky Bekko.


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