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Meru DG grilled over chaos at Governor Mwangaza’s event

Meru Deputy Governor Isaac Mutuma

Meru Deputy Governor Isaac Mutuma spent more than four hours at County’s DCI offices over the allegations of inciting members of public. 

The Governor’s function at Makiri area in Igembe South sub-county on Sunday resulted into chaos after a group of youths’ stormed and disrupted the function on what seems to be political differences between the governor and her deputy as the Makiri area is the doorstep to the Meru Deputy Governor.

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Speaking after recording a statement, Mutuma appreciated the officers for their professionalism and accused the Meru Governor Kawira Mwangaza for not focusing on her charitable “Okolea” function rather than focusing on the county development agenda.

He said that Governor Kawira was not a leader and that the Meru community will continue to suffer under her leadership.

In that function some members of the media found themselves attacked and equipment destroyed by people said to be on the side of the Governor, a thing which Meru Press Club Chairman David Muchui came out strongly to criticize the act.

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