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Meru University strengthens ties with China’s Tianjin City Vocational College

Tianjing City Vocational College Deputy Vice Chancellor Liu Sheng and Prof. Romanus Odhiambo displaying signed memorandum of understanding documents. PHOTO/COURTESY

Meru University of Science and Technology (MUST) has collaborated with Tianjin City Vocational College (TCVC) from the People’s Republic of China to open a Luban Workshop sub-center at the University, which is situated at Nchiru along Meru-Maua Road.

Luban Workshop, named after the famous ancient Chinese Master Craftsman Lu Ban, is a Chinese vocational program for training talents overseas.

Speaking during the Workshop’s inauguration ceremony at the University, MUST Vice Chancellor Prof. Romanus Odhiambo said the initiative is the result of a harmonious collaboration between Meru University of Science and Technology in Kenya and Tianjin City Vocational College in China.

He added that the initiative has been founded on the shared vision of enhancing technical and vocational education and training in Kenya, which seamlessly aligns with the commitment to fostering international academic partnerships.

“This partnership is not merely symbolic, but a commitment to action and progress. The Luban Workshop, established in collaboration with Tianjin City Vocational College, represents a significant leap in our efforts to elevate vocational education and skills development in Kenya.” he said

“Within this workshop, we will establish the Vocational Education Lecture Hall, Silk Road E-commerce, and Information and Communication Technology education programs, each designed to empower our students and professionals with practical skills and knowledge that align with the demands of modern technological advancements,” added Prof. Odhiambo.

He noted that the workshop will be a place where theoretical knowledge meets hands-on training, and classroom lectures will merge seamlessly with laboratory exercises and practical projects.

“It will be a place, where we will be bridging the gap between academia and industry, creating graduates who are not only knowledgeable but also highly skilled and ready to contribute to the challenges and opportunities of our time,” he said.

The VC said they were envisioning a brighter future for vocational education in Kenya, with an aim of producing graduates who will not only excel in their chosen fields but also become pillars of the two nations’ economic development.

Through the Luban Workshop, Meru University of Science and Technology joins hands with experts from Tianjin City Vocational College to offer training programs in E-commerce and Information Communication Technology.

TCVC’s Deputy Vice Chancellor Mr Liu Sheng said the programs that will be offered at the workshop are designed to equip participants with the skills and knowledge required for the dynamic job market and that they represent an invaluable bridge between Kenya and China, fostering knowledge exchange and cultural understanding between the two countries.

“I am confident that the Kenya Luban Workshop Sub-Centre at Meru University of Science and Technology will become a beacon of excellence, fostering a new generation of skilled professionals who will shape the future of our nations,” said Liu.

Also present during the event was the Counsellor of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Kenya Zhang Yijun, who noted that the initiative between the two learning institutions will immensely enhance friendship and cooperation not only between the institutions, but the two countries at large.

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