Millie Odhiambo declares war on male MPs for undermining women

Suba North Member of Parliament Millie Odhiambo declared war in parliament against male leaders who are using their position to undermine women leaders.

Referring to the Madaraka day spat between Nairobi governor Mike Sonko and Nairobi woman representative Esther Pasaris, Odhiambo said the level of disrespect for women in the country can no longer be tolerated.

Odhiambo said that men legislators should focus on their primary function of representation, legislative and oversight role instead of focusing on trivialities on women.

During the heated debate in parliament on Thursday , Millie said  one of the women leaders who has suffered the wrong judgment of men is Esther Passaris.

She further said that men legislators were in the habit of objectifying women which should not be tolerated.

At some point Suna East MP Junet Muhammed sought the speaker’s guidance on whether what Millie Odhiambo said was right  but the fiery Suba MP to clarify and she affirmed her words.

This happened during a session meant to discuss the report on the vetting of seven nominees for ambassadorial posts stood to counter questions that were directed to ambassador hopeful Mwende Mwinzi that she felt were too personal.

Mwinzi, who holds two citizenship, one for Kenya and the other for the US, was nominated as the new South Korean Ambassador.

On Monday, sonko said he will not retract nor apologise for the remarks he made towards Passaris.

The governor said  that in her remarks during the Madaraka Day celebrations at the Pumwani grounds, Passaris who spoke first made so many allegations against him bordering on corruption.

Sonko said, Passaris asked why he had delayed the process of approving the site where her projects will be constructed saying that she has never submitted proposed building and structural plans where the projects are to be constructed and she just wanted the county’s approval without any plans.

“There’s no way we can operate with impunity. She accused me of going to the media to expose my over thousand title deeds.”He said

” I explained how and when I acquired my possessions even before I ventured into politics. I explained how I started my philanthropic activities way back before I became an Member of Parliament. Surprisingly my Woman Rep also accused me of being too generous. She questioned the source of the money that I use to give the poor, saying they are proceeds of corruption. She questioned my trip to Turkana and West Pokot Counties where we went to feed the poor whereas the people of Nairobi need food.” He added.

Sonko says that since all these allegations were made against him on the same podium, he had the right of reply on that same podium.

” That did not mean that I demeaned the Women Rep who unfortunately walked out of the celebrations before they were over. I will continue to serve the people of Nairobi as their governor and also leader and urge all other leaders to join hands in sharing ideas on how to make Nairobi a great city. ” Added the Governor.

The governor also trained his guns to a section of the media who he says have colluded to tarnish his name by constantly asking for his source of wealth.


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