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Ministry of Health validates Early Childhood Development strategies


The Ministry of Health, in collaboration with diverse stakeholders, last week convened to validate the Early Childhood Development (ECD) Social and Behavior Change Communication (SBCC) Strategy and the ECD Advocacy Strategies in a concerted effort to advance early childhood development (ECD).

In a statement by the health ministry, the strategies, oriented towards fostering nurturing care for early childhood development, aim to ensure that every child not only survives but thrives and attains their full potential.

The SBCC strategy is intricately crafted to disseminate crucial ECD messages across various community segments, with the goal of raising awareness and educating communities on the critical aspects of early childhood development.

Simultaneously, the ECD advocacy strategy targets key decision-makers, emphasizing the significance of ECD for individual children, families, communities, and the nation as a whole.

“This advocacy is pivotal for mobilizing the necessary resources to effectively implement nurturing care interventions.” The statement read.

According to the statement, both strategies serve as integral components of the forthcoming Integrated ECD Policy (IECD) for Kenya.

Government says, by incorporating these strategies, the IECD Policy aims to establish a comprehensive framework supporting the holistic development of young children, thereby ensuring their health, growth, and potential are fully realized.

The validation underscores the nation’s commitment to establishing a robust support system for its youngest citizens, thereby contributing to the overall well-being and prosperity of the nation.

The validation exercise was attended by a diverse array of stakeholders, including representatives from the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, Ministry of Education, National Council for Children Services, Directorate of Children Services, Department of Social Development, Nairobi County Government, Council of Governors, UNICEF, Interreligious Council of Kenya, Kenya Paediatric Association, ECD Network for Kenya, Africa Early Childhood Network, and Early Childhood Development Action Network, represents a significant milestone in advancing early childhood development in Kenya.


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