Miriam Ayoo is solidly stepping out into the music scene with a beautiful song on the glories of love. 

The single, inspired directly by Miriam’s relationship, talks about the travails of distance and deep affection, while still leaning into the magic that can happen if you let it. 

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The song “I Do”, features crooner extraordinaire Matt Ngesa, who was also featured on the recently concluded COLORSxSTUDIOS showcase.

Ayoo is a Nairobi-based singer-songwriter and music producer who uses the power of melody and lyric for reflection, inspiration, and renewal.

Regarded for her clear and soulful tone, she has been singing since the age of four everywhere she can, from churches and glee clubs to acapella groups and reggae bands. 

In 2012, she picked up the guitar to add to her arsenal of musical instruments.

Since then, she has been singing and strumming to connect with the world, and share her unique life perspective. You may have heard her before on the soundtrack for the documentary Softie, based on Boniface Mwangi’s life, alongside King Kaka, Dan Aceda, and Juliani. 

“I Do”, however, is her official entry, a bold introduction to the industry that comes at a

time when her life is also expressing all forms of love there are, from romantic, to familial, to love that exceeds all definition.

The song is produced at Chumbani Media, under the experienced and versatile eye of Rigga, an artist and singer in his own right. 

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