Modern contraceptives uptake rising in West Pokot – Survey

There is an increase in modern contraceptive uptake in West Pokot County, a report by (PMA) Performance Monitoring for Action.

The report shows that the use of modern contraceptives is at a 17% (percent) increase between the years 2014 -2021. The survey that was carried out last year (2021) involved 794 women between the ages of 15-49.

Among the findings is that 30 in every 100 women used modern contraceptives in 2021. And only 13 in every 100 women were using modern contraceptive methods in 2014 according to the PMA report.

According to PMA official Michael Waithaka, the report found out that every woman in the County has an average of seven children.

PMA is a program implemented by the International Center for Reproductive Health [(ICRH) in collaboration with the National Council for Population Development (NCPD), the Ministry of Health, and the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics.

Waithaka added that the contraceptive methods uptakes in the county are 46 percent injectables, 40 percent implants, 2 percent IUD,4 percent sterilization,6 percent pills,0 percent condom, 0 percent emergency contraceptives, and 2 percent other methods.

“During the survey, we asked the adolescents the last time they had sex if they used a preventive a pregnancy but 9 in every ten said they didn’t use it. That is why we have a high rate of teenage pregnancies in the region,” he said.

Speaking during a community gatekeeper’s dissemination in Kapenguria, Mr. Waithaka explained that unmet needs for contraceptives among married women were 22 percent in 2016 and 25 percent in 2021.

According to the report, 17.7 percent of adolescents were using contraceptives. 8 in every 10 adolescents are sexually active.

“The use of various modern contraceptives methods are 46 percent injectable, 40 percent implants, 2 percent IUD,4 percent sterilization,6 percent pills,0 percent condom, 0 percent emergency contraceptives and 2 percent other methods in 2021,” he said.

Mr. Waithaka noted that nine in every ten women learned how to use contraceptives from public facilities.

Kapenguria Assistant County Commissioner Ruth Wachira called on the youth-led organizations, women groups, civil societies, and media to help sensitize the community in remote areas.

“We must have a serious discussion for the rising needs within the society as the administration especially chiefs and their assistants to promote the gospel  of adopting the modern methods,” she said


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