Moi Ndabi Settlement Scheme land ownership row escalates

There was drama in Naivasha after more than 500 elderly farmers stormed the local Deputy County Commissioner’s office claiming the land they were given by retired President Daniel Moi had been allocated to influential personalities.

The farmers from Moi Ndabi Settlement Scheme located on the southern part of Lake Naivasha claimed they have been robbed of their land where they have lived for years.

According to the farmers, the land in contention was allocated to them by the retired President through a decree.

Nchashoi has called on the Government to solve the matter before it gets out of hand.

Jonathan Ole Nalangu accused some ministry of land officials of colluding with brokers to sell their land.

Majority of the beneficiaries are victims of the Enoosupukia clashes that left hundreds of people homeless with another resident Peter Kuronoi saying they were suffering in silence.

Deputy County Commissioner Mbogo Mathioya promised the resident that their grievances would be looked into in the shortest time possible.



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