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Mombasa engineer nurturing youth talents through sports to prevent abuse

Maurice Odero, an engineer cum entrepreneur in Aldina Jomvu Sub County is nurturing youth talents through sports in a bid to prevent drug abuse.

Odero decided to establish the Sir Maurice Foundation after facing unemployment, which hindered him from fulfilling his basic needs.

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The Maurice Foundation is involved in conservation efforts, menstrual hygiene, and nurturing youth talents. The foundation began to nurture talents in 2019.

“We provide education to shun drug use and involvement in criminal activities,” Odero said.

The foundation pays school fees for underprivileged students in Jomvu Sub County. The youths are also linked to job opportunities in government and the private sector.Odero aspires to empower more youths to secure employment opportunities.

“I’m trying to utilize my resources to help local girls in Jomvu access education without missing school through the initiatives of the Maurice Foundation,” Odero said.

Odero since the inception of the foundation has successfully rescued many youths from the Alidina slums from the pitfalls of drug addiction.

National Authority for the Campaign Against Alcohol and Drug Abuse (NACADA) board director Ali Nyamai said they will collaborate with the Maurice Foundation to engage young people in various sports to stop them from indulging in drug abuse in order to reduce crime and idleness.

Juma Lugogo, a resident of Aldina said the Maurice Foundation has not only assisted local youth but has also provided an opportunity for talent development.

“What the Maurice Foundation is doing for us in Aldina Jomvu is monumental, bringing our youth together,” Lugogo said.

He appealed to the National Government to consider teaching and nurturing football skills in schools to promote talent development.

Sylvian Musau, a member of the Ocean soccer club, explained how young girls have benefited from the Maurice Foundation by being given opportunities to showcase their talents.

“Many girls who joined this club have been shielded from early pregnancies and other challenges. It’s a significant development for the girls in Jomvu,” Musau said.

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