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Mombasa Law Society protest attacks on Judiciary


The members of the Mombasa Law Society (MLS) on Friday joined the legal fraternity countrywide to strongly criticize the recent attacks on the judiciary.

The Judiciary have been accused of undermining Kenya Kwanza administration projects, among them the Affordable Housing Program.

In Mombasa, the lawyers, who were all wearing purple ribbons, to symbolize their commitment to the rule of law, staged a peaceful demonstration from the Imara Building to the Law Courts

The protest, he said, was to emphasize the importance of democratic governance enabled by the 2010 Constitution.

Brian Okoko Jeka, an advocate in Mombasa, expressed concern about the orchestrated attacks on the judiciary, viewing them as an attempt to intimidate and undermine its independence.

“Such tactics could pave the way for unconstitutional policies by the executive,” he warned.

Okoko said the recent disparaging remarks by the Executive, including the President, towards judges, jeopardize the country’s commitment to the rule of law.

He emphasized the importance of respecting court orders and warned against the potential descent into anarchy if such calls to disobey court decisions persist.

“As advocates practicing in Mombasa and the wider coastal region, we stand in solidarity with the judiciary, the third arm of the government,” Okoko said.

He reminded the Executive of their own reliance on court judgments, emphasizing that the judiciary plays a crucial role in upholding the rule of law and democratic processes.

“We cannot allow the judiciary’s standing to be undermined,” he said.

Okoko cautioned the Executive against enacting unconstitutional policies, noting that the judiciary serves as a safeguard against such actions.

Despite potential disagreements with court decisions, Okoko emphasized that the government is obligated to respect and obey judicial rulings.

“We, as advocates, took an oath to remain faithful to the law, defend the rule of law and democracy, and safeguard the public interest,” Okoko affirmed.

He reassured that they would continue challenging any decision or policy harmful to the citizenry and unconstitutional, as part of their commitment to upholding justice.

Kevin Osoro, another advocate, lamented the negative rhetoric against the judiciary and emphasized the importance of distinguishing between fair criticism and baseless accusations.

He underscored the judiciary’s independence and urged Kenyans to work together to uphold the integrity of the judicial system.

Lawrence Obonyo echoed these sentiments, emphasizing that the judiciary serves as the last line of defense.

He called on Kenyans to unite in condemning any statements that undermine the court’s authority.

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