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Morocco marks the 48th anniversary of The Green March

The day remembers the courageous march of hundreds of thousands of Moroccans to stop Spanish colonization of Morocco's southern territories.

Morocco’s King Mohammed VI led the country in commemorating the 48th anniversary of Green March Day on Monday.

The day remembers the courageous march of hundreds of thousands of Moroccans who answered to the late King Hassan II’s call for a mass march to stop Spanish colonization of Morocco’s southern territories.

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In his speech, the King emphasized some of the country’s significant achievements during the last 48 years, such as modernizing programs aimed at serving inhabitants and making the greatest use of the country’s assets, particularly those in the Moroccan Sahara.

“The recovery of our southern provinces allowed us to emphasize the importance of the Kingdom’s Atlantic dimension more effectively.”

We have been able to enhance Morocco’s position, raise international support for our territorial integrity, and confront our adversaries’ evident and hidden tactics thanks to the dedication of our diplomatic service.

“The Atlantic coast is our gateway to Africa and the Americas, just as the Mediterranean is our gateway to Europe,” said King Mohammed VI.

“My goal is to transform the Atlantic region into a space for human interaction and economic integration and to make sure it plays a key role at continental and international levels.” said the King.

King Mohammed VI during his address to the nation on Monday

He also reaffirmed his commitment to completing development projects in the southern regions and to making services and infrastructure essential to people’s daily lives.

The King urged for the establishment of a tourism promotion strategy in the Atlantic region, utilizing the many assets available and transforming it into a major destination for beach and Saharan tourism.

“The strategic gas pipeline project between Morocco and Nigeria is part of that effort.”

This initiative is intended to foster regional integration, boost cooperative economic growth, and serve development goals in Atlantic-bound countries.

It will also ensure European countries’ energy supplies.” Emphasized the King

“I would also like to honor the memory of the Green March’s architect, my venerable father, His late Majesty King Hassan II – may God bless his soul – as well as all those who have contributed to its success
like all the righteous martyrs of our motherland.” King concluded

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