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Motorcycle riders, distributors benefit from training organized by City Hall and Glovo


A total of one hundred and fifty (150) courier and Boda Boda operators this week received training on safety skills and financial management basics under a partnership between Nairobi City County Government(NCCG) and Glovo International.

Under this partnership, a total of 50 riders operating without licenses were identified for Glovo scholarship through AA Kenya school courtesy of Nairobi Governor Sakaja Johnson’s vision of providing dignity and opportunity for small and Micro Entrepreneurs in the City.

In a statement read on the Governors’ behalf by the Director for Donor Coordination and Stakeholder Engagement, Kefa Omanga “Governor Sakaja Johnson envisions a prosperous and rewarding future for all transport service providers in Nairobi. The Governor is committed to providing an enabling environment for businesses to thrive.  This partnership is only possible because of Governor Sakaja’s vision for an inclusive and prosperous  city where all have equal opportunity to prosper.”

The  Nairobi City County Governments’ Deputy Director, Donor coordination stakeholders engagement,  Molly Achieng officiated the programme that  brought together NCCG departments of Mobility, Security, Cooperatives, the NTSA, Traffic Police, Glovo International and AA driving school.

Said, Ms Achieng, “Governor Sakaja desires to see a dynamic and vibrant bodaboda sector in Nairobi. It is indeed his view that boda boda service providers are important stakeholders in the city transport ecosystem.

Dickson Mutambere, an AA expert, emphasized the critical role of defensive riding and safety gear in ensuring the well-being of motorcyclists on the roads.  “You control the motor bike by deciding when, where, and how to ride it, service it, and check it, etc.”

During the event the “Triangle method,” a defensive riding technique was introduced. This is when a rider forms the apex of a triangle, while the vehicle’s and environment’s conditions equally divide the base. This method aims to enhance situational awareness and reduce the risk of accidents.

Citing statistical evidence, it was emphasized that wearing a helmet can improve the likelihood of survival by up to forty (40%) percent compared to riding without one.

It was pointed out that there were three main types of distractions that would lead motorbike riders to cause accidents: visual distraction, manual distraction, and mental distraction. The need to stay focused while on the road was highly stressed to minimize accidents.

The Partnership covers the areas of supporting innovative entrepreneurship, SME growth & Investment, Courier Services, Sustainable Development & Thought Partnership.

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