Motorists in Maralal protest over petrol stations close down

Motorists in Maralal town, Samburu County are calling on Energy and Regulatory Commission (ERC) to take action against petrol station owners who have jointly closed down their businesses in protesting against ERC’s decision to lower fuel prices.

Despite closing their businesses during day time, the motorists complained that petrol stations are being opened at night where they are buying either petrol or diesel fuel at a price of between Sh200 and Sh300 per litre.

“Motorists are buying fuel at less than Sh 110 per litre in places like Nyahururu and Rumuruti in Laikipia County which is our neighbor but here at Samburu we are buying a litre of fuel at Sh300 at night,” said Daniel Lesimir a motorist.

However businesses that rely on fuel have been paralyzed in the region as residents call upon ERC to take action against businessmen dealing fuel for collaborating to exploit fuel consumers.

“We are asking government to intervene and take action against those involved in exploiting people. Fuel is being sold at ERC’s recommended prices in Rumuruti, why is that not being applied here,” said Christopher Lelkalepi.

ERC in its latest monthly fuel review has adjusted down all the three categories of fuels.

A liter of Super Petrol reduced by nine shillings and 33 cents; diesel went down by ten shillings and four cents while kerosene decreased by three shillings and 52 cents.

The Commission attributes the price adjustments to lower landed cost of landed imported petroleum products.

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