Motorists to pay one shilling less for petrol

Effective midnight Monday, motorists will pay one shilling less for a liter of super petrol after the Energy Regulatory Commission announced marginal reductions in pump prices for the commodity for a third month in a row.

A liter of diesel will however go up by one shilling and 39 cents as well as kerosene, which goes up by 86 cents.

Energy Regulatory Commission attributes the reduced petroleum pump prices to a lower average landed cost of super petrol which decreased by 3.1 percent.

The landed cost of diesel however increased by 4.03 percent and that of kerosene also went up by 2.48 percent hence the consequent increase in the prices of the two commodities.

ERC Acting Director General Pavel Oimeke says the commission used a pipeline loss factor of 0.02 percent in computing pump prices, down from the previous 0.25 percent.

This saved 19 cents for super petrol customers, 16 cents for diesel users and 11 cents for kerosene users. Based on this fuel will be cheapest in Mombasa where a liter of Super Petrol will retail at 92.86 shillings diesel at 82.63 shillings and kerosene at 60.69 shillings.

In Nairobi, a liter of Super Petrol will retail at 96.08 shillings, Diesel at 85.86 shillings and kerosene at 63.42 shillings.

Fuel will be most expensive in Mandera where a liter of Super Petrol will retail at 109.89 shillings, Diesel at 99.66 shillings and kerosene at 77.23 shillings.




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