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Mount Kigali University hosts moot court competition

The Director of Parklands Law Campus Nelly Wamaitha (first from right) and other members of staff share a group picture with law students at Mount Kigali University. PHOTO; COURTESY

Mount Kigali University, in partnership with Mount Kenya University, Parklands Law Campus in Nairobi hosted the MKU Regional Human Rights Moot Court Competition.

The competition took place at  the Mount Kigali University under the theme, “Climate Change Refugees – Enhancing Governments Transparency and Accountability in the Promotion of Human Rights”.

The programme aimed to equip law students with broad-based skills and knowledge that are applicable both to Kenya and the international legal arena.

Since 2009, the Law campus has contributed to the training of outstanding lawyers equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge of both national and international laws.

“The theme for the competition will focus on Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), Forced Migration Law and Refugee Law,” said Nelly Wamaitha, the director of Parklands Law Campus.

“Our theme today allows law students to explore innovative solutions to address the challenges surrounding displacement and the protection of human rights through alternative dispute resolution. The participation of our university, alongside Schools of Law from four Universities from Rwanda that include University of Rwanda, University of Kigali, INES, and UNILAK will provide law students with a platform to interact and learn from diverse legal backgrounds,” explained Wamaitha.

In her statement, she said the competition will go a long way in helping law students to enhance their legal knowledge, research, and advocacy skills in a simulated courtroom setting.

“Through this competition, law students are challenged to engage with complex legal issues and present their arguments before experienced legal professionals. This experience provides them with practical, hands-on experience in the legal profession, allowing them to develop valuable skills such as critical thinking, public speaking, and legal analysis,” she added.

The acting Vice Chancellor Dr Martin Kimemia said Mount Kigali University will endeavour to create a mentorship relationship between the legal profession and the law students.

“We expect the competition to be highly competitive, which leads to underscoring the pivotal role of scholarly research, analytical and advocacy skills, an invaluable investment for all in the legal profession.”

The role of law and justice in the East Africa Community has seen great milestones towards the integration of the member states.

It has also brought about regional peace and security, a result of constant reminders of the need for unity and a united purpose in ensuring regional development.

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