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MP Makali:Averting cases of early pregnancies in Kanduyi is one of my priorities

Kanduyi Member of Parliament John Makali has disclosed that top on his agenda is working with relevant stakeholders including Ministry of Health [MoH] to tame cases of early pregnancies in the Constituency.

Speaking on Thursday during his meeting with Health Cabinet Secretary Nakhumicha S. Wafula, the lawmaker lauded MoH for its partnership strategies with other arms of Government like Parliament in advancing legislations aimed at empowering girl-child.

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“Discussed with CS ways of partnership to hold a medical camp and hold sensitization meetings in the constituency to curb teenage pregnancies and mentorship programmes for the girl child.Besides, we deliberated on general matters of health and strengthening our institutions specifically our Bungoma Kenya Medical Training College [KMTC]” noted Makali who is also an advocate of the high court.

According to the report by Kenya National Bureau of Statistics [KEBS],Kenya has made some strides in reducing teenage pregnancies in various parts of the country.

Following the survey dated June 2023, data on teenage pregnancies for adolescents between 10 to 19 years has decreased drastically since 2018.

In the report released during the preceding
month, teenagers presenting with pregnancy at first Antenatal Care (ANC) has reduced by double in the last five years.

Earlier this year,the state affirmed its efforts in deploying all tools available to fight teenage pregnancies with CS Nakhumicha noting that she will not facilitate the availability of condoms to underage Kenyans further fronting abstinence as a precautionary measure against STDs and pregnancies among teenagers.

Speaking in Meru last month during the release of the status of the country’s HIV epidemic report at the World Aids Day celebrations,National Syndemic Disease Control Council (NSDCC) CEO Ruth Masha attributed the HIV infections due to early pregnancies to silence and Kangaroo Courts.

“While pregnancies and sexual gender-based violence is proxy to HIV infections most of these cases are reported to Kangaroo courts and instead of justice being served most of these cases are silenced.If the community plays a role in leading in the fight against misuse of our kids then we will be seeing a decrease in triple threats which are new HIV infections among the adolescents, gender based violence and teen pregnancies,” she said.

Inadequacy of youth-friendly services such as counselling and rape case prevention and lack of adequate access to sexual and reproductive health information,including access to contraceptives such as condoms have a huge effect on teenage pregnancy numbers.

The consequence of teenage pregnancy can be fatal in regard to growth and association with other people. Adolescents drop out of school, leaving to a heavier dependency burden,high maternal deaths due to stress and depression, the spread of diseases such as HIV,STD and STI and increased economic hardships as parents cater for their grand children

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