MPs seek to increase committees in the National Assembly

The number of committees in the National Assembly may increase in the next Parliament if a motion before the house is approved.

The motion proposes for the formation of new committees as well as splitting of others.

Among committees that will be formed include, the Diaspora and Immigration Committee, the Public Debt and Privatization Committee, the Decentralized Accounts Fund Committee and the Public Petitions Committee.

There is also a proposition to divide the Public Investment Committee.

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Further, the Procedure and House Rules Committee is also vouching for the increase of vice chairpersons of committees from the current one to two.

The committee also wants the number of chairpersons on the speakers’ panel to be increased from four to six.

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While speaking on the matter, the speaker of the National Assembly Justin Muturi also suggested that in future there is need to re-look at the quorum issue which sometimes affects sittings.

According to the speaker the quorum issue should only arise when parliament is making a decision on important matters.


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