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MPs want University admission letters recalled 


Members of Parliament want the Government to recall admission letters issued to University students expressing concerns over the fee structure.

The Committee on Education in a meeting with Higher Education PS Beatrice Muganda, KUCCPS and HELB officials, argued the fee structure failed to specify the capitation by government and what was expected to be paid by each parent.

The Legislators want the fee structure revised to itemize each cost as opposed to a blanket figure.

This comes after the National Assembly Education Committee engaged the Higher Education Principal Secretary Beatrice Muganda on the new funding model for Universities which they argue is not practical.

Higher Education Loans Board Chief Executive Officer Charles Ringera disclosed they adopted a formulae-based allocation criterion that takes into account each student economic background.

Under the new financing model, students from families whose income is below Ksh 6,000 will enjoy 95pc of government financing as compared to those whose household income is in excess of Ksh 120,000 who will only get 60pc of government support.

The lawmakers want the Ministry to reconsider the previous funding model where funding is pegged on the number of undergraduate students registered on the regular programme and the type of course.

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