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Mtwapa’s level four hospital opened to public

Residents of Mtwapa in Kilifi County are set to receive improved healthcare following the completion of a level four hospital in the area.

The development coming after years of deficient health services in the area with residents depending on Mtwapa dispensary, which has now been upgraded with modern facilities.

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The new hospital will offer a range of services, including surgical procedures and X-ray diagnostics eliminating the need for long journeys to seek medical care.

Comprising of two wards with a total of 80 beds, the hospital is expected to provide top-notch healthcare services to Mtwapa residents who have long yearned for improved healthcare services.

Speaking at the ceremony, Kilifi County Chief executive in charge of health, Peter Mwarogo emphasized the County Government’s commitment to enhancing the healthcare sector through the provision of quality services.

County Governor, Gideon Mung’aro pledging that his administration will continue to invest in health in ongoing efforts to improve the well-being of all residents.

The Chairman of the Mtwapa Hospital Board, Godfrey Baraza, commended the County Government for its investment in healthcare even as he called for increased investment in medical equipment.


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