Mudavadi cautions Kenyans against falling into a political trap

Written By: Muraya Kamunde

ANC Party leader Musalia Mudavadi has cautioned Kenyans against getting into the trap of Politics of deceit and deception ahead of the 2022 General Elections.

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He said that politicians should sell their policies to the Kenyans other than using the language and tactics of tokenism and handouts.

Mudavadi says this kind of politics eventually lead to massive corruption and increased taxes levelled on the Mwananchi as the politicians thrive to recover their monies through dubious ways once they clinch the seats of authority after elections.

“We have our elections two years from now as a Kenyan people but there is one thing that is so now glaring in Kenya, Politics of Deceit and deception. We are witnessing one of the most extraordinary things that we have ever seen in government,” he added.2022

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“For 10 years come 2022, we shall have been led by the Jubilee Government, but right now we are seeing things that are unbelievable. When a President on one side is calling a conference to talk about the COVID crisis in the country his Deputy is doing Wheelbarrows somewhere else. We are seeing a situation where somebody disowns their own boss. This is not Governance,” said Mudavadi.

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The ANC leader has faulted the Jubilee wing of government that is being led by the Deputy President for deceiving Kenyans that it is not part of the government the current leadership claiming that at this crucial moment when the country seems to be under siege, it is unacceptable for the Deputy President to distance himself from the operations and functionality of the Government under President Uhuru Kenyatta.

“How can you be part of a Government, we are reeling from the impact of debt from that government, we are seeing higher figures of poverty, we are seeing increased corruption, we are seeing farmers not being paid in a timely manner, we are seeing medicine not being there in our hospitals, we are basically all under siege but surprisingly now we see a scenario where the Deputy President is telling the President sorry I am not part of it, it is you. Is this deceit?” emphasized the ANC Leader.

Mudavadi insisted that the Deputy President formed the Government with President Uhuru Kenyatta and now he can’t run away from the reality on what is happening under the Jubilee Government regime.

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“As a country, we must go beyond tokenism and the culture of hand-outs. What happens beyond the Wheel Barrows? What next after the water tanks? It must be beyond that.

Where those wheelbarrows come from at some point the politician who is dishing out will want compensation. It costs money and wherever they are coming from the politician will say how do I recover my money. Now, what shape does the compensation or recovery take?

It normally takes the shape of increased corruption or increased taxation. Since someone will say I spent my money and now I am in a position of authority I have to recover my money.” Paused Mudavadi.

Mudavadi who has declared his interest in the Presidency come 2022 says there is need to restore moral fabric within the society especially in the Political class claiming that a section of politicians have already started beating drum beats of hate and ethnicity even before the real campaign time kicks off.

He has called upon the church to intervene now instead of waiting for things to worsen as we gear towards a heated campaign period ahead of the 2022 General Elections.

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Mudavadi who was Speaking at The Friends International Centre (FIC) Quakers Church along Ngong road when he met a section of the clergy from the friends Quakers Church, has reiterated the need for Kenyans to think of a holistic approach towards getting long-lasting solutions especially for the predominant youth population of this country other than subjecting the youth to theatrics and hand-outs without providing solutions that will lead to the creation of jobs and increased opportunities for investment and the business environment.

“To rescue the economy is not a simple fire fighting operation. It is not a simple rescue team. It is going to be a serious undertaking to turn the economy around. It is a long-term thing that will require consistency, goodwill from Kenyans and goodwill from the international community. And the environment we are creating is not going to be conducive for that. Leaders of goodwill should come forward and put their best foot forward in this journey.”

Mudavadi has called on the church to play its role in order to rescue this country from the hands of deceiving politicians who might plunge the country in chaos.


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