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Mudavadi champions strategic approach in Kenya’s economic diplomacy

Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi has highlighted the pivotal role of economic diplomacy as he addressed the Official Closing of the Kenyan Diplomatic Representatives’ Training.

Mudavadi, who is also the Cabinet Secretary for Foreign Affairs emphasised that Kenya’s economic approach is paramount in promoting the nation’s economic interests abroad.

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He commended the participants for delving into the Bottom-Up Economic Transformation Agenda, underscoring its significance in driving Kenya’s economic growth.

Mudavadi outlined key objectives for Kenya’s diplomatic missions, stating that they must serve as hubs of economic diplomacy.

He urged diplomats to go beyond routine correspondence and actively identify opportunities to increase exports and expand market access.

“Each Mission is expected to clearly map out the country’s exports and how to increase those exports and grow new markets,” he said.

Mudavadi further emphasised the importance of elevating Kenya’s regional anchor status.

“Missions must work to elevate Kenya’s regional anchor status,” he stated, urging diplomats to identify and leverage Kenya’s strengths to enhance its regional influence.

“You must know what makes Kenya a regional anchor state and work around them,” he added.

In addition to promoting economic interests, PCS highlighted the need for diplomatic infrastructure expansion.

“In order to work optimally, the Ministry seeks the expansion of its Diplomatic infrastructure, a task in which Missions will play a lead role,” he affirmed.

Mudavadi expressed confidence in the readiness of Kenya’s diplomatic corps to champion economic diplomacy.

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