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Mudavadi condemns weekly protests called by opposition

Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi during the inaugural Local Government Revenue Initiative Conference (LOGRI).

Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi has condemned the weekly protests called by the opposition.

Mudavadi says the opposition, led by their leader Raila Odinga, should accept the fact that the electioneering period is long gone and it is now down to business.

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“We are telling the opposition and its leadership that it is not time for protests but for development. We all know the mess Kenya is in economically and we cannot afford to waste any more time engaging in politics that will not change anything at this moment,” uttered Mudavadi.

Mudavadi, who was speaking in Iguyio village Ikolomani constituency in Kakamega, cautioned the unlawful protests, saying the government will not sit back and watch as they engage in actions that will hurt the country’s normalcy.

He termed it as prudent for the Azimio leadership to understand and accept the fact that their leader, retired President Uhuru Kenyatta handed over power to President Ruto.

“If they think they can change anything now, then they are totally wrong. I have been with Uhuru in the peace keeping mission engagements in Abuja and Bujumbura. He said he handed power and all the legal instruments peacefully. So, our friends should stop wasting time in protests,” said Mudavadi.

Mudavadi’s sentiments come a day after the Saba Saba declaration by Azimio that has been termed as retrogressive as far as national unity and cohesion is concerned.

The Prime Cabinet Secretary further challenged Azimio to tell Kenyans the parameters they are pegging their protests on, saying  Azimio is only after causing mayhem and disrupt the Kenya Kwanza’s plan of taking the country’s economy back on track.

“They are running up and down day and night but back in their minds they know very well that the President of Kenya, legitimately elected and sworn in is William Ruto,” he affirmed.

Mudavadi had attended the burial of Ian Ayodi Diru, son to his Personal Aide Alfred Diru.

He further extended an olive branch to all leaders from Western Kenya irrespective of their political affiliation to join hands for the good and betterment of the region.

He called upon them to rally together, have a common focus and goal of uniting the people of Western region and work towards empowering them economically and politically.

“We want as a region when we get to 2027, we should have increased our footprint and speak with the same voice than ever before. As Western Kenya leaders we should emulate leaders from other regions who are not wasting time on petty politics but uniting for the common good of their people and regions,” said Mudavadi.

And added: “Let us work together, I have always advocated for an open-door policy. We need to have a collective discussion that will guide our region towards development.”

Mudavadi also urged Kenyans to understand reasons the government is putting emphasis on revenue collection.

He reiterated the need for Kenyans to support the Finance Law that has since elicited mixed reactions saying it is for the good of the nation.

“Several times, I have told Kenyans that no country globally has developed without collecting its own revenue to aid in development and service delivery to its citizens. No country can prosper without collecting taxes,” said Mudavadi.

He said the Government cannot borrow as a government to service salaries.

“If as a country you get to the level of borrowing to pay salaries then it is bankrupt,” said Mudavadi.

The Prime Cabinet Secretary assured Kenyans that there is hope and soon , they will see a turn-around in their fortunes and a positive difference in their lives.

“It is a fact that we must face and feel pain for some time. But the rewards if we support the governments’ plan and be focused as a nation will be great sooner than later,” he assured.

He called on the political leadership in the country to work towards making a difference in the country.

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