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Mudavadi: Let us not preach hopelessness as leaders

Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi

Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi has affirmed that President Wiliam Ruto means well for the future of Kenya.

Mudavadi says despite the harsh economic times being witnessed in the country currently, there lies hope through unity of purpose.

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He has called on Kenyans to be determined and work together by being consistent and remaining carefully focused.

“We as leaders must listen to the people and be determined to work for the citizens. As we listen to their issues, we urge Kenyans also to listen to their leaders, most important leaders who have a vision of transforming the fortunes of Kenyans.” he said.

“We should rise above politics of deceit and blackmail. Times have changed and we need to reconcile with the reality that William Ruto is our President, Moses Wetangula is our National Assembly speaker and I am the Prime Cabinet Secretary. This is the reality and we are not competing amongst ourselves, so those peddling such rumours to our people must stop.” he added.

Mudavadi spoke at Ishikulu Primary School in Shunyalu Constituency of Kakamega County where he led other leaders at a fundraising ceremony in aid of 25 churches in the constituency.

He said the unity of this nation and more-so the unity of Western Kenya region must count for it matters a lot for the economic progress of the region and Kenya at large.

“When I joined hands with my brother Wetangula we tilted the political land scape of Kenya. The Earth quake was a game change and therefore in the Kenya Kwanza government we stand to be counted every day.” he said.

“We decided to put the interest of the people ahead of our self-interests. You do not need rocket science to prove that this was the unity of purpose we have been looking for and in Kenya Kwanza it is a new dawn.” he added.

Citing that. A country cannot move when its people are divided, Mudavadi he urged the people of Western Kenya to endevour having a formidable formation that will help them pull together towards a prosperous future.

He said there is hope and the current high cost of living should not distract Kenyans from the ultimate price where all efforts should be directed towards building a Kenya that everybody will feel accommodated and respected.

“it is a fact that President Ruto inherited a bleeding economy and as the saying goes there is no gain without pain, thus the need for all Kenyans to reflect on whwere we want our country to be in the near future.” he said.

“President Ruto is steadily fulfilling the promises he made for Kenyans, although it might take some time but eventually the country will be on the right trajectory. The President is committed to his work and even tomorrow once he jets back, he will preside over the swearing in of the Director for Public Prosecutions a son from Mulembe nation Renson Igonga. This is a clear message that Ruto has the interests of our people at heart.” said Mudavadi.

He said that the current taxation regime is not aimed at punishing Kenyans economically but it is a means towards ensuring that the public debt is settled for Kenya to focus on her economic growth and changing the livelihoods of her people.

“We have people who wanted to vandalize ANC and FORD K parties in the run-up to the 2022 general elections when they realized that we had a plan to liberate our people. We stood firm and the same people are now being vandalized by the steady growth of Kenya Kwanza.” he added.

“The journey might look so long but eventually it will get us into the brighter future we are all aspiring to have.” said Mudavadi.

The leaders present in a one voice affirmed that they are fully behind Mudavadi and Wetangula as the key leaders from the region and urged the duo to show the people a direction that will ensure more resources are directed to Western Kenya region.

The leaders led by the Speaker of the National Assembly Moses Wetangula said it is time they sit down and reason together with the government hat is in power, affirming that they have full confidence in President Ruto’s leadership.

They said any person purporting to speak on behalf of the Western Kenya without the blessing of Mudavadi and Wetangula are in for a rude shock.

They urged Mudavadi and Wetangula to prioritise the revival of the sugar companies in the region as one of the key agenda when negotiating on behalf of the Western Kenya region.

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