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Mudavadi seeks additional budgetary allocations to strengthen foreign, diaspora affairs

Cabinet Secretary for Foreign and Diaspora Affairs Musalia Mudavadi
In a compelling session before the National Assembly Defence, Intelligence and Foreign Relations Committee, the Cabinet Secretary for Foreign and Diaspora Affairs Musalia Mudavadi underscored the pressing need for increased financial allocations to the State Departments of Foreign Affairs and Diaspora Affairs for the fiscal year 2024-2025.

Addressing the committee during the presentation of the 2024/25 Financial Year Estimates of Revenue and Expenditure and The 2023/24 Supplementary Estimates No. II, Mudavadi articulated a series of compelling justifications for the additional budgetary requirements, each grounded in Kenya’s overarching commitment to fortify its stature as a regional and continental powerhouse and, to enhance its diplomatic outreach on the global stage.

He emphasised the imperative to operationalise newly approved foreign missions, essential for expanding Kenya’s diplomatic footprint and fostering closer ties with international partners.

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Moreover, the PCS highlighted the significant challenges posed by the devaluation of the Kenya Shilling in 2023, which had resulted in arrears and funding shortfalls for crucial diplomatic endeavours undertaken by Kenyan missions abroad.

“Kenya’s proactive engagement in geopolitical matters involving peace, security, and economic diplomacy, necessitates financial backing to effectively lobby and collaborate with global stakeholders. This includes Kenya’s recent submission of a candidate for the Chairmanship of the AU Commission.” He said.

The PCS also underscored the pivotal role of state events and foreign visits in projecting Kenya’s regional influence and facilitating meaningful participation in international fora. Such engagements, including hosting visiting dignitaries and participating in high-level summits, are integral to advancing Kenya’s diplomatic objectives.

Furthermore, Kenya’s role as a peace broker in the region mandates sustained investment in special envoys tasked with mediating conflicts in Somalia, DRC, Northern, and South Sudan.

Ensuring regional stability not only aligns with Kenya’s reputation for supporting peace but, is in Kenya’s national interests because, historically, when there has been regional turmoil resulting in the displacement of civilians, these have usually made their way into Kenya’s borders.

Mudavadi emphasised the crucial role played by Kenya’s foreign affairs and diaspora initiatives in safeguarding the welfare of its citizens worldwide and harnessing the potential of the diaspora community to contribute to Kenya’s national development efforts.

The call for additional budgetary allocations resonates with Kenya’s strategic vision to assert itself as a leading regional player, enhancing diplomatic ties, fostering peace and stability, and safeguarding the interests of citizens both at home and abroad.

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