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Mudavadi to grace 44th Vihiga cultrual festival on Tuesday

Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi has called for diversification of the annual Vihiga (L’logooli) cultural festival to accommodate the changing times in the society.

Mudavadi says there is a need to diversify the festival to bring on board young restive minds and talent.

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He stated that the youth comprise at least 70 per cent of the country’s population and if their needs are not addressed through cultural diversification, future generations may be disadvantaged on various aspects.

“Statistic tells us something we must be ready for; that from the display of artefacts, foodstuffs and performances we must be alive to the fact that times are changing very fast. We either adapt to the changes around us or risk losing touch with the youth,” said Mudavadi.

“All the tell-tale signs show we are running short of ideas; ideas that are floating around us, but for which we are unable to tap into and incorporate the young, innovative and talented minds of the youth,” he added.

He said it is high time that organizers of the event reflect on the current challenges and needs in the society and adapt a module that suits the changing times.

Through youth involvement, he said there will be a smooth transition when they exit the stage.

“We can’t be talking of culture when we are not involving the young people. How else will the culture be passed to the next generation if the young are not involved in preparation of such?” he said.

Mudavadi spoke during a media briefing ahead of tomorrow’s 44th Vihiga cultural festivals to be held at the Mbale Municipal Grounds in Vihiga County as has been the norm over the years.

Mudavadi is scheduled to grace the event as its patron and chief guest.

This will be the second ceremony under the Mlogooli calendar that Mudavadi will be attending since being appointed as Kenya’s Prime Cabinet Secretary.

The theme of the 44th Vihiga Cultural Festival is “Eng’embe Ya Mulogooli” loosely translates to fit the year of circumcision among the Maragoli Community and thousands of youths will be graduating into adulthood after undergoing the cut early this month.

The circumcision rites took place on targeted boys after seven years of waiting since 2016. In 2021, circumcision was put on hold due to Covid-19 and in 2022, elders decided not to conduct the rites due to General Elections.

“Those who will purpose to attend will have a chance to taste our traditional food and traditional medicine before our chief guest arrives. We want this year’s festival to be of its kind.” said Mzee Japheth Muzembi one of the members of the Maragoli Council of Elders.

“Come in large numbers and listen to the teachings from our elders. We want this festival to be orderly since many Kenyans will be keenly following it online and also on our radios and televisions,” added Mzee Hudson Kelonye an elder.

The organizers say this year’s festival will be an eye opener for the youth as they will also be making strides to ensure that the Mulogooli culture is digitally documented through film, video and in the social media, saying that embracing the digital space is the way to go.

“Kenyans will be coming to witness the Mulogooli culture in this festival that began in 1979. It signifies how far we have travelled as a community within the larger Kenyan society. We shall be showcasing many things related to our culture with a set of teachings from birth through livelihood to death,” said Muzembi.

Mudavadi urged the Maragoli community to be proactive not to be left behind since many communities have come up with cultural events that are now deeply rooted and soon, they will be superior to the Lulogoli cultural festival which is one of the pioneer cultural festivals in Kenya.

“Other cultures have evolved, embraced new changes and they are now targeting new interests and advancements. We need to be awake of these developments as a community,” he noted

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