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Mudavadi urges collective vision, unity for Kenya’s future

Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi

The government has emphasized the importance of a collective vision for the nation and fostering unity among its people.

Speaking at Dominion Chapel Kimuka in Kajiado County, Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi said, “Vision comes in many ways in dreams, thoughts. You must have a vision then we work towards actualizing the vision.”

Addressing the congregation, CS Mudavadi urged individuals to envision a peaceful and united Kenya, where competition does not breed animosity. “Can we envision a peaceful nation? Can we envision a country where one works and mingles without problems? Can we envision a united country?” he challenged, encouraging the audience to contemplate a future where unity prevails over division.

Drawing inspiration from the Maasai community’s approach to competition, Mudavadi who is also the and Cabinet Secretary for Foreign and Diaspora Affairs, highlighted the need to refrain from converting competition into enemity. “Competition will always be there but let us not convert competition to enmity,” he emphasized, advocating for a mindset shift towards cooperation and collaboration.

Turning his attention to the broader African context, Mudavadi addressed the significant challenges facing the continent, particularly the plight of millions of children deprived of education due to political unrest. “Currently, 98 million children are not going to school as political unrest has affected their nations thus causing eviction of children from their schools,” he lamented, calling for solidarity and concerted efforts to address Africa’s crises.

In a call to action directed at the Maa community, CS Mudavadi urged unity and collective utilization of resources. “I urge the Maa community to be united and utilize what you have. Pull together. Utilize what you have well because tomorrow you never know that opportunity might shift to another part of the country,” he urged, emphasizing the importance of maximizing opportunities for the betterment of all.

Touching on food insecurity, the CS highlighted the agricultural potential of Kajiado County and emphasized the importance of infrastructure development, particularly road connectivity, in addressing food deficits. “If we have connectivity of a road, the issue of food deficit will come to an end,” he remarked, outlining the potential benefits of improved transportation networks.

In conclusion, he reiterated his vision for a prosperous and united Kenya, calling on all citizens to work together towards a brighter future. “Let’s have a collective vision to make Kenya a better place,” he urged, igniting hope and determination among the congregation.

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