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Mudavadi urges leaders to avoid divisive ethnic rhetoric


Prime Cabinet Secretary Musalia Mudavadi has cautioned leaders against making divisive statements that could fracture the nation along ethnic lines.

Mudavadi emphasized that leaders in various capacities owe a high responsibility to the citizens and must exercise caution in their public statements.

He highlighted President William Ruto’s efforts to unite the country and urged all leaders to support this mission.

“What we speak as leaders can be very destructive to the peace that we enjoy as a nation. As leaders, we owe it to Kenyans to preach unity and support the president so we can deliver for Kenyans and unite the country,” he stated.

“We must defend and protect the constitution. While it grants us the freedoms of speech and movement, we should not abuse these privileges,” he added.

Mudavadi made these remarks during a thanksgiving mass at St. John Paul II Chepterwai Girls High School in Mosop, Nandi County, where he represented President Ruto at a fundraiser for the school’s infrastructure.

He stressed the importance of unified support from all leaders to ensure the country remains stable, united, and on the right economic recovery path.

“The President and his cabinet are the first to understand what Kenya is facing. As cabinet members, we should not contradict the direction the president is setting. The president receives first-hand intelligence on all matters, whether security, economy, or other aspects affecting the country’s well-being,” remarked the Prime CS.

“We, as leaders, should be at the forefront of anchoring the President’s message and directives, as we have taken an oath to do so. We are aware of the challenges Kenyans face and must work to find solutions that will help the country move forward,” Mudavadi added.

He also noted that the Kenyan government has an elaborate plan to continue supporting learning institutions, ensuring every Kenyan child has equal access to quality, affordable, and progressive education from basic to higher levels.

“We are implementing strategic support to enhance the learning environment and identify and nurture talent among students,” he said.

Governors Stephen Sang (Nandi) and Jonathan Bii (Uasin Gishu), along with National Assembly Majority Leader Kimani Ichungw’a and several Members of Parliament from various parts of the country, were present at the ceremony.

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