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Murkomen unveils ambitious plans for Port transformation

Cabinet Secretary for Roads, Transport, and Infrastructure, Kipchumba Murkomen, says his ministry is coming up with a comprehensive plan to revolutionise both Lamu and Mombasa ports.

During a special sitting with the National Assembly’s Transport and Infrastructure Committee, the CS announced plans to address key logistical challenges, including the elimination of port congestion, enhanced service efficiency, and the modernization of port facilities to make cargo handling equipment more readily available.

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He mentioned the plan involves initiating a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) deal designed to increase competition among terminals, anticipating that this will boost overall efficiency, competitiveness, and facilitate the transfer of knowledge, technology, and expertise within the industry.

“The government’s objective is to attract private investors in our efforts to unlock the great potential of our ports, grow revenues, expand manufacturing, and create jobs,” said the Cabinet Secretary on X.

Murkomen assured the public that the PPP plan aligns with global trends and is part of the government’s commitment to retaining full ownership of the ports.

During the sitting, Murkomen also reported on measures taken by his ministry to mitigate the impact of ongoing heavy rains on transportation, particularly in the North Eastern, Lower Eastern, and Coast regions, where major roads have been severely affected.

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