Muslim leaders root for peaceful co-existence, tolerance

Muslim clerics have called for peaceful co-existence and tolerance among Muslims as they marked Eid ul- Adha.

The religious and political leaders spoke Tuesday during the second day of prayers to mark at the Ronald Ngala Primary School grounds, Mombasa County.

They avoided a direct clash with leaders who had taken a swipe at the Chief Kadhi Sheikh Shariff Ahmed Muhdhar accusing him of failing to show direction over when Idd prayers should be held.

A section of Muslims in the country held prayers on Monday to mark the special religious celebrations before another set of worshipers converged at the Ronald Ngala grounds for another round of prayers.

Sheikh Mukhdhar who appeared to steer clear from the controversy that choked yet another big day in the Islamic religious calendar instead chose to focus on unity among all Muslim believers.

“Allah has been merciful to us all particularly at a time when the whole world is undergoing the Covid-19 pandemic. We are seeing Hajj being attended by people who live and work in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Mecca only as efforts to curb the spread of Covid-19 remain in top gear,” the Chief Kadhi said.

He said that, “Today is the last day of the last month of Islamic calendar. For us who are gathering here for prayers, it is very similar to being in Mecca for the pilgrimage.”

Mvita MP Abdulswamad Shariff Nassir reiterated the need for unity among Muslim faithful and said that all faithful were equal before God.

“Irrespective of whether one prayed on Tuesday or Wednesday, there should be clear need to remain united as one. Idd runs for a couple of days and lets use it to cherish what Allah has done for us and help each other  including non Muslim believers,” Nassir said.

Former Chief Kadhi, Sheikh Hammad Kassim who led the Idd Ul Adha prayers added his voice to unity calls and urged Muslims to be ready to ask for forgiveness and to forgive.

He told politicians to shun divisive politics at a time the country is preparing for general elections in 2022.

He used the occasion to plead with parents to strive hard to ensure that they instill proper guidance to their children.

“We are seeing a number of children from Muslim families going the bad way and engaging in some social vices like drugs and alcohol. It is wrong for parents to look the other way as their children embrace bad habits,” he said.

Mombasa businessman and politician, Mr Suleiman Shahbal who attended the prayers said that Idd Ul Adha said that there are many problems that continue to affect the youth of today like unemployment and urged leaders to focus more on job creations to alleviate the problem of joblessness.

On his part, Mombasa Senator, Mr Mohamed Faki supported calls for political tolerance and warned politicians to guard against irresponsible talks that could lead to divisions leading to political violence leading to the electioneering period.


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