Muturi dismisses reports of talks with Raila

The Democratic Party of Kenya has dismissed reports that it is negotiating with other parties to form a coalition.

Party leader Justin Muturi said what is happening in alliances is good for democracy, but insisted the Democratic Party was not in any arrangement with Azimio or Oka alliances and that it will field candidates in all six elective positions.

Muturi said he had met with Raila Odinga during the burial of Ambassador Wilfred Machage in Kehancha, Migori on Friday, and told him he was going solo in his presidential bid with the Democratic Party.

Said Muturi, “I told Raila Odinga, we’re in a competition, which is a healthy thing. I don’t mind who supports him, and I too have my supporters.”

He made the remarks during a meeting n Naivasha town with over 2000 grassroots delegates of the Democratic Party.

The National Assembly Speaker, at the same time, explained why he has been using grassroots political leaders to consolidate the Democratic Party in which he is seeking the presidency, instead of moving around with local MPs.

He said Members of Parliament are not the best support base for a candidate vying for the presidency since most of them never make it back to the house.

“As we know in Kenya, rotation is common, between 76 and 80 per cent of all sitting Members of Parliament always go home. If you have 100 moving around with you, only about 20 will come back, so it is best to build a base with grassroots leaders,” he stated.

He told the delegates he remains the Mt Kenya region spokesperson, noting that he was not in rivalry with President Uhuru Kenyatta over regional leadership since the Head of State’s authority was national and not conferred by elders like his.


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