Muturi re-elected National Assembly Speaker

Justin Muturi easily retained his seat as the Speaker of the National Assembly in a session that was boycotted by Opposition Members of Parliament.

Muturi cruised to victory after garnering 220 of the votes cast with his only challenger, the little known Dr. Noah Winja managing only one vote. Kuresoi North MP Moses Cheboi was elected unopposed as Deputy Speaker.

By 9am Thursday morning and the 348 members of the national assembly had already taken their seats ready to take oath of office as members of the 12th Parliament.

Following the order of precedence, the clerk started calling them one by one starting with the persons living with disabilities.

Those who followed were members who have served for more terms than their colleagues starting with Kitutu Chache North MP Jimmy Angwenyi who is now doing his 5th term as a legislator.

Then followed Kapenguria MP Samuel Moroto and Nominated MP Maina Kamanda who are now serving their 4th terms.

A good number of the legislators had a rough time pronouncing some words in the oath. And after taking the oath of office, it was time to elect their speaker and his deputy. NASA affiliated lawmakers walked out in protest.

However, this did not stop the rest of the members from proceeding with the election.

Given that the standing orders indicate that the Speaker must be elected by 2/3rds majority, they had to go for a second round of vote after Muturi garnered 217 votes against his only rival Dr Noah Winja who managed to get 4 votes.

During the second round, Muturi managed to garner 220 votes with Winja managing only one vote.

Given that they had invoked standing order 71 to allow the winner to be declared after a simple majority win, Muturi was declared the Speaker of the 12th parliament.

And immediately he assumed his duties, his first business of the day being to oversee the election of his Deputy. Kuresoi North MP Moses Cheboi was elected as the deputy speaker unopposed, with the National Assembly adjourning business to next Tuesday thereafter.




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