Muturi warns Kenyans against being swayed by campaign euphoria

Speaker of the National Assembly Justin Muturi has said Kenyans have an opportunity to elect leaders who are accountable to the people and get the country out of the cycle of unfulfilled promises.

Muturi pleaded with Kenyans to use the coming elections to change the governance tradition where planned development projects never get finished

He cited the case of Vision 2030, noting there are only eight years left to its realisation, yet much of the touted development has not been achieved.

“You now have the opportunity to put in office a government that will be accountable to the people, utilise this chance to make a change for Kenya, ” said the Speaker.

Muturi, who has declared his presidential candidacy through the Democratic Party (DP), was addressing grassroots political leaders in Nakuru.

He told the delegates that as the Speaker of the National Assembly he interacts first hand with the leaders Kenyans elect and he can tell where they go wrong and where they get it right.

He pleaded with the electorate not to be swayed by campaign euphoria and not to vote by emotion.

” Choose wisely, the leaders you elect are the ones you will rely on to fulfil the destiny of this country,” said Muturi as he reiterated that he is going for the presidency to offer Kenyans a leadership that would be accountable to them.

He called out some of the aspirants for the top seat whom he said are more concerned with gathering crowds and cheering but have nothing to offer.

He warned Kenyans to be careful not to recycle leaders who abandon them as soon as elections are over.

Muturi who has hit the campaign trail said he is a public officer with integrity and could not embark on early campaigns like some leaders whom he said had abdicated their leadership roles.

“I am not late, I’m just in time. I could not have started campaigning immediately after 2017 general elections like some leaders because I’m in office and I respect the office of the Speaker of the National Assembly. Other leaders started campaigning immediately after 2017 you could have thought the election would happen in December 2017” he said.


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