Mutungi na mwandiki wa ndwimbo iri igweta Meru

Meru Jazz band is a musical organization coiled by a popular Meru artist Martin Mwiti King’ua.
Martin was born on 2nd February, 1974. He was brought up in Muurugi village, Kithirune sublocation of Meru County.
His late Father George Kinoti King’ua was a popular Meru artist in the old days. In fact, he was among the early musicians in Meru with records like Ciokibau, Gutina ngugi Nairobi, Mwariocia Kairuthi among others.
Martin Martin King’ua is a ‘A’ level graduate and did not further his education in order to concentrate in music production.
Music career
Mwiti started his musical career the year 1999 and he has since performed with various bands including Pressman band.
He started his own (JAZZ BAND) band the year 2002 which he owns till date. He has composed and recorded several songs including Mwalimu, Karugono ga Kimeru, Muntu wa ngoga, the famous Muma jwa rutano among other songs. He has also done remix of Father’s songs like Cio Kibau, Guti ngugi Nairobi among others.
Martin joined Media max-Meru FM-as a presenting artist in then program known as ‘Mwingiirio’ where he co-hosted the program with Kanyiri Wa N’Ikiara starting 3pm – 12am (mid-night).
Martin is social and performs in clubs, state functions, weddings among other functions.
Martin is a family man with three(3) children – two boys and a girl.
Free time
When Martin is not doing his music, he is in his fruit farms in Chaaria and Gaitu.
Martin has no doubt that the future of Meru Music is bright after a close look of the Meru music today and that of older days when he ventured in the industr


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