My life is in danger, claims Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria now claims his life is in danger.

The Gatundu South MP who ignited a storm in the Jubilee party for claiming that Mt. Kenya region had been sidelined in development projects says politicians not happy with his stand are baying for his blood accusing those against his remarks of creating a rift between him and the President.

“I have continued to receive a barrage of personalised attacks from people with personal and political scores to settle with me. whereas I have no problem with politicians taking the opportunity to revive their dead or collapsing political careers” he told journalists.

Kuria said he had reported the threats to the Director of Criminal Investigations George Kinoti. “I trust that this will put an end to the subtle and not too subtle threats to my life from opportunists details of which I shared with DCI George Kinoti,”.

Earlier, there were rumors that the legislator had tendered his resignation as an MP.

The embattled Gatundu South MP is accusing a section of Mt. Kenya politicians of using his latest misfortune to drive a wedge between him and the President.

“I am troubled that they are doing it in a manner that is designed to create a rift between myself and the President with whom I enjoy excellent relations and who is indeed one of the 72,000 voters from Gatundu South who are my defacto employers,” said Kuria.

Kuria also denied accusations that he was opposed to the building bridges initiative superintended by the President and Opposition leader Raila Odinga.

“I am a beneficiary of the handshake, since 2007, the only part of Kisumu I could venture into is Kisumu Airport. Thanks to the handshake, I can now freely walk in the streets of Kisumu,” said the MP.

He added “Furthermore there is nothing wrong with the President launching projects in any part of this country. I have similarly sent an invitation to Hon Odinga to come to Gatundu South to come and launch projects there in the spirit of Building Bridges Initiative”.

The Gatundu South MP found himself in trouble on New Year’s Eve after accusing the President of starving the Mount Kenya region of development. The remarks ignited furor from the President.

“I offer my unmatched apology to the President whom I have worked with and respect so much,” he said. “I have no problem with him launching projects in any part of this country.”

Speaking in Mombasa on Monday, President Uhuru Kenyatta asked politicians to shelve narrow political interests and concentrate on working together in serving Kenyans.

The President, who affirmed his commitment to work with leaders from across the political divide to improve the welfare of all Kenyans, said his focus is uniting the country for purposes of achieving rapid development across the country.

“Individual interests of leaders should not be allowed to override the welfare of Kenyans. We need to work together to ensure Kenyans get affordable houses, provide universal health coverage, create jobs through enhancing manufacturing and ensuring food security and nutrition” President Kenyatta said.


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