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NACADA launches investigations over alleged use of Fentanyl drug

The National Authority for the Campaign against Alcohol and Drug Abuse NACADA has launched extensive investigations over alleged use of Fentanyl drug in the coastal counties.

NACADA acting chief executive officer prof. John Muteti said a multi-sectoral team has been deployed across the coastal counties to investigate the alleged possibility of the drug being in the market.

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Although there is no conclusive proof to point out the drugs presence in Kenya, NACADA says many injecting drug users are now divulging to multiple drug use, and a possibility of Fentanyl abuse may be rife.

Part of the samples collected include a collection of Urine and blood samples that will be analyzed at the Nairobi government chemistry to establish whether users may have come across the Fentanyl drug at the coast.

Reach out Trust center chief executive officer Taib Abdurahman said the problem of polydrugs was rampant at the coast thus forcing the team to collect samples from users to establish the real drug they have used.

The Drug authority is now throwing a caution to the public to report cases of multiple drug use to authorities. It also calls on other agencies to seal the borders and ensure the drug does not find its way into the Kenyan market.

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