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NACADA launches multi-sectoral fight against drug abuse in Isiolo

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The National Authority for the Campaign Against Drug Abuse (NACADA) adopts multi-sectoral strategy in Isiolo to combat drug abuse, involving reformed addicts to educate youth on dangers.

NACADA County Coordinator Alice Mwangi highlighted at the Isiolo Police Mess the importance of former substance users sharing their stories with youth.

These personal experiences can help educate young people about the risks of drug abuse and empower them to make informed choices to avoid it.

“Young people who are yet to indulge themselves in drug and substance abuse will be able to learn first-hand from those who have suffered from the captivity of drugs and have been lucky to successfully disengage themselves from further use, hence help them make an informed decision to stay away from drugs,” she said.

According to her, Isiolo is a drug trafficking hotspot due to its strategic location as a transit point linking the nation’s interior to neighboring countries like Ethiopia, a source of substances like Marijuana.

Alice highlighted that the newly opened NACADA Isiolo County office will conduct school-based programs and life skills forums to prevent youth drug abuse.

She also stated past reliance on administration officers and police for enforcement, but with their own officers now, they can fulfill their mandate effectively.

“There has previously been a serious challenge when it came to enforcement since the authority only relied on administration officers and police, but they are now fully equipped with their own enforcement officers, hence they will be able to carry out their mandate more efficiently,” she concluded.

Stakeholders identified Marijuana as a rising concern along with other locally available drugs like alcohol, prescription drugs “tap tap”, tobacco “Chabis”, and Heroin “Kete”.

They urged collective responsibility to address the worsening situation.

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